About us

『About us』

Team NOAH was started in December 2019.

At Team NOAH, we are all members who have experienced some type of abuse in our lives. As we have been able to overcome our own experiences with abuse, we strive to and firmly believe that we can create a society without abuse.

『Our vision』

“Abuse can be ended”

Has there ever been a world where everyone could live with a peace of mind?

Have you ever felt like you wanted to restart your life? To live your life in a different way?

As members with past abuse experiences, we know this is possible

Instead of protecting the victim and punishing the perpetrator, we ask the question:
"Why did the abuse occur?" By better understanding ourselves and the reason behind the abuse, we can find the root cause and end our suffering.
Now, we live a completely different life.
With personal experience of ending abuse in our own lives, it is our greatest joy in life to say that abuse can be ended. Again, “abuse” is nothing special and can happen to anyone.

If denying yourself or denying others is connected to abuse, can’t it be said that there is some
“abuse” in everyone?

Have you ever felt tiny in the world’s existence?

In fact, each of us lives a life more real than an TV show.

Why did my life turn out like this?
When we humans finally discover the root cause to our suffering, we are liberated and can feel sincerely happy that we were born into this world.

Don’t you think that if you could end the abuse (suffering/conflict) in yourself,
your entire world would change?

We want as many people as possible to feel like their life is amazing. With this in mind, we work everyday to make this happen.

Our vision




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