What do all the members have in common?

We all live in different regions of the country, but one thing we all have in common is that we have all experienced abuse!
Please take a look at our profile as well

Will there be an opportunity to listen to everyone's stories directly?

Please join us at the event venue of "MIROSS x 189 Project" that is held nationwide every month.
In between lectures, there will be presentations where you can hear about others experiences and also have the opportunity to share.

Will there be an opportunity to connect with others online?

Our online events also have opportunities to share experiences. In the second half, we will divide everyone into smaller groups where people can connect and share their experiences.
This is a free event, so you can easily participate from your smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.

The date and time of the event will be posted on various SNS platforms.

All of you have had intense experiences but were there any hesitations in talking about your experiences of abuse?

This a question that gets asked a lot, but in fact, none of us actually feel any hesitation anymore.

Once you know the “mechanism of abuse” and that it can happen to anyone, we no longer felt the desire to hide our experiences.

Once that point was understood, everything felt clear and we could logically explain our abused experiences.

Why did the abuse end?
What did you understand?
Please come and listen to our experiences.

Please tell us about your future plans.

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